Mediation and Conflict Resolution

Reeve Resolutions provides mediation services to represented parties who want to resolve their disputes prior to adjudication. Connie Reeve brings over 30 years of experience as an advocate, including 17 years as a specialist in employment law, to her mediation practice.

In the course of her career as a lawyer Connie studied and taught mediation and other forms of dispute resolution. She also represented clients at hundreds of mediations. Her experience as a lawyer gives her first hand knowledge of the many different kinds of barriers that can stand in the way of a negotiated resolution to a dispute.

As a mediator Connie's focus is on helping the parties to a dispute understand and overcome impediments to resolution. She encourages a rigorous examination of each party's positions and interests, and facilitates a considered evaluation of the full range of potential outcomes in the negotiation process. As the mediation process is a flexible one, Connie will work with the parties and their advisors to design a process that fits their needs.